Cat Boarding

Cat boarding at Pet Western Animal Hospital is in a safe, serene environment. There are large windows so your cat can spend the day gazing out the window watching the world go by. There are no intrusive dog noises in our cat boarding area. Your cat will enjoy our large, multi-compartment cat condominiums.

Dog Boarding

Dogs love our grassy, fenced walking and exercise area. Adequate time outdoors ensures that our canine visitors enjoy their stay with us. Our dog kennel is indoors and climate controlled so no matter the weather your dog is comfortable when staying with us. Ask up about bathing or grooming availability on the day of your planned pick-up.

When you make your boarding reservations we will let you know about vaccination and flea control requirements for our boarders. The goal of these requirements is that all of our canine and feline guests stay happy and healthy during and after their stay.

Medical Services While Boarding

Many pet owners appreciate the convenience of having needed health work done while their pet is boarding. Annual examinations, vaccinations, dental cleaning, spaying and neuterxing can all be arranged to be done while your pet boards with us.

Grooming Services

Grooming services available at Pet Western Animal Hospital are baths, medicated baths, shave downs and sanitary clips. Please note that any shave downs that may require sedation will require a physical examination before sedation.